ok actually i want to talk about relationships and physical proximity/contact. i think a major huge reason for the rise in depression and mental issues in general in the west is because of the decline in close friendships and the lack of home-stability (thats what im calling it). people are expected to move across the country, even to other countries, for their careers. they’re expected to drop all the friends they’ve made in the area they live in, their home that they’ve made for themselves, their connection to the place they live,,, for a job… like we’re not even supposed to question that. that a career (money) is literally the most important thing in one’s life. this applies to school also, like how people are expected to move far away from their family and friends at a young age for college.

and then because of these distances that this creates, people are communicating mostly online/mobile-y. criticism of the prevalence of online relationships is usually dismissed as old people stuff, but i think people are misunderstanding it- our parents and grandparents arent just trying to tell us we’re dumb for making friends online, they’re trying to remind us that being physically around the people we’re close to… isn’t just important, its necessary for our (mental) health. but i know that a LOT of the people who make friends mostly online are people who dont have the opportunity to make friends who they can love and trust near them. but then we see how most of the physical/local clubs, groups, events for young people, for people with niche interests have disappeared and moved online. so where someone 15 years ago could have found friends close to them with similar interests, that possibility is just gone now, and they’re forced to find these people online.

i think soon there’s gonna be a resurgence of physical gatherings and physical friendships. somehow the internet will bring people together, like for real together.

oh and yeah, why physically close friendship is important: theres studies on it for one thing lol. the chemical that releases in our brains when we hug. yeah. we just fucking need to be around people ok.

and! almost forgot; the physical friendships that we DO have in the west arent very physical at all! we dont hug and kiss and sleep in the same bed with our friends like other cultures do. or spend entire weeks together, staying at eachothers’ house. talking about our feelings For Real for real. we need that. we’re deprived, we’re starving for it.


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