extra credit

its a pretty basic well known fact within feminism that males get praised and worshipped for doing (once or twice) the things that women are expected to do every single day. like when a man cooks its amazing and sweet and whatever, and when a woman cooks its literally not even acknowledged. itd be weird if she DIDNT cook.

i just read a trending news article about a dad in armenia who decided to keep his son with downs syndrome, but the mom didnt want the baby, so she divorced him. as i expected, the comments are full of praise for the dad and insults for the mom. which is whatever, yknow, sure. but then i was like – wait. what if this had been the other way around? people would criticize the mom for even acknowledging the possibility of giving the child up. like, i’ll bet money that theres cases exactly like this every year where the mom decides to keep it but the husband doesnt. (maybe in those times she is forced to give it up because women rely on husbands and stuff tho). people rarely ever criticize absent or deadbeat fathers. they’re like ‘he should have the choice of whether or not to be tied down etc etc’. (those same people probably praise women for keeping children conceived from rape). a father who stays with his family and spends time with them, even if he’s kind of a shit dad, is always praised and met with awe. but a woman doesnt even have the option NOT to do this. she could be the best mom in the world but people will always think she should be doing better.

ok bye

extra credit

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