working backwards

fact: the world is completely saturated and based in misogyny. all our major civilizations and culture and lifestyle have misogynist foundations.

if we try to understand our world and our misogyny, the easiest conclusion to come to is that misogyny is natural, that women are less than human. this is if our starting point in our thinking is the culture we live in. if we look at the reality, which is that women are less than human (under patriarchy), and then try to figure out why women are lessthanhuman in that reality, its very hard to come to any conclusion that gives women humanity. its basically just- Men are evil. and thats hard to believe! no one wants to believe that men are just naturally evil!

so instead we believe that men are human, and that women arent, and therefore they dont get to have a human life.

****this is exactly the same deal with white supremacy. and with speciesism. and with classism. we all CLEARLY, constantly see that POC, nonhuman animals, and poor people are seen/treated as subhuman. there is no hiding that at all. but in order to accept this reality, we have to fuck up our brains and make ourselves believe that these groups ARE less than human. (i need a word other than human cuz honestly this whole argument is speciesist rn) and from there, we have to make ourselves believe that being less than human means that one is meant to be exploited and abused.

its easier to doublethink than it is to change stuff i guess????????

what we have to do, with all of these things, is start not from the current physical reality, but with REAL FOR REAL reality, a.k.a., the fact that women, POC, and poor people are human. if we begin our thinking at “Women are human”, then its much easier to get to the truth(?). So, women are human ==> women are exploited, abused, and hated under patriarchy, solely for the fact that they are women ==> men are exploiting, abusing, and hating fellow human beings for no reason other than their own benefit ==> men are evil ==> men are subhuman.





ok bye.

working backwards

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