“women’s” interests/affinities/hobbies ((stuff thats regarded as feminine even when its men doing it)) are better than mens’. women make things. women Make clothes, that you can wear. Make food, that you eat. Write books and stories, that you hold, read, gift.

zines. baking. candle making. etsy shops full of home made lip balms and stationery. drawing. your friend who does pottery. your cousin’s new jewelry business.

reality tv shows, everything on HGTV, pinterest crafts.

stuff that womyn make is what archaeologists find and study. we know about daily life hundreds of years ago because women kept diaries. the world is physical, material, real.

EDIT (feb 2017): I recently read an article that proved that cave paintings- arguably the most important pieces of 2D art – were made by women. 🙂

men prioritize abstracts – like what the fuck even are sports. the internet is evil. corporate jobs??? what???? what the fuck

this womyn physical – man abstract thing applies to so much

there is a reason womyn are shown to be more environmentally conscious than men. there is a reason more womyn are vegan and vegetarian that men. there is a reason men place more value on money than on people, relationships, animals, and the earth.

whatever bye


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